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We act as catalysts for our executive/ entrepreneur clients, enabling them to increase confidence and self-awareness, develop productive new habits, apply new skills, and improve performance.

One-on-one coaching takes place by telephone, email, or face-to-face (or combination of these, depending on what works best for our client.)

At the beginning of each coaching engagement, we document:

  • Where you are at in your work or personal life;
  • Where you want to be;
  • The steps we'll take to get you there; and
  • How we'll tangibly measure your success (promotion at work, higher revenues, improved spousal relationship, weight loss etc.)

Specific areas of discussion may include:

Career mastery: for CEOs, managers, and other leaders seeking to enhance their leadership skills or propel themselves to new levels by achieving a specific challenge or goal.

Career transition: for those in professional transition who wish to apply their passion, talents, skills and experience to create a more fulfilling and rewarding career.

Entrepreneurial how-to: for those launching a new business or wanting to take an existing business to the next level.

Work/ life/ body balance: for individuals seeking ways in which to balance areas of their lives that seem perpetually in competition with one another. It is possible to have it all—if you discover how to distribute your time and energy for greatest reward!