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Individual Coaching Blueprint

To realize the best return on their coaching investment, we recommend that our clients work with us for at least three months. We suggest an initial program of six to 12 sessions, scheduled at your convenience. The typical duration of face-to-face sessions is 60-90 minutes, while telephone sessions generally last 30- 45 minutes. Between sessions, we offer e-mail support and "spot-coaching" for those emergency situations.

A progress evaluation usually takes place midway through the program to assess your performance and refine your objectives going forward. A full evaluation is carried out as the coaching program draws to a close; at this point, you have the opportunity to identify your ongoing learning and development requirements.

Corporate Coaching Blueprint

Before we begin any corporate coaching program, we provide the person responsible for the team and/or leadership development initiative with a Corporate Coaching Needs Analysis Questionnaire.

The responses to this questionnaire provide us with a valuable context, a general overview of the issues facing you and your team, and the outcomes you are seeking. We will use this as a basis for a 'coaching program proposal' that outlines specific content, format, and timing for coaching delivery to your group.